Building Community. Delivering Returns.

REVocity exists to support the elevation of towns and cities by securing, enhancing and managing impactful real estate investments. We embrace these opportunities guided by a clear intention that expresses our core commitment around providing sustained community growth with balanced financial returns.


Why Invest in a Community Real Estate Fund?

REVocity works with your community leaders to establish a Community Real Estate Fund. This Fund is an impact investment opportunity for individuals, non-profit organizations, and businesses to invest in their own backyard. It is a locally driven investment Fund, focused on enhancing the community where people live, work and play.


Connection and relationships is how progress happens.   We are a true believer that when two or more forces unite, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. REVocity seeks to interact with individuals and organizations to produce a joint effect. This results in an abundance of opportunities, creates efficient processes and effectively allocates resources.


The Grand Rapids Community Real Estate Fund was formed between North Face Properties, REVocity and individuals, businesses and organizations from the community of Grand Rapids.

Capital raised has been deployed into three diversified projects that will provide impactful spaces for community members, business owners, tourists and college students of Grand Rapids to utilize and enjoy.

The first acquisition was a commercial retail building which was filled with three growing businesses. Next, through a strategic partnership with a local organization, an apartment complex was acquired which will provide essential student housing for the local community college.

Lastly, to meet the sizable demand for lodging in Grand Rapids, The Grand Rapids Community Real Estate Fund is currently developing an 82-room hotel. This new development will bridge a large need for hotel rooms and draw additional visitors into the Grand Rapids community.
REVocity is excited to continue making a difference in Grand Rapids.

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